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research tool

What is it?

moniq is a PROM-tool (Patient Reported Outcome Measures) that is used for (medical) scientific research. The mobile app collects data using the Experience Sampling method: data collection by sending patients questionnaires with high frequency. As a researcher you’re no longer depending on cross-sectional data or data with a recall bias.

moniq enables you to digitally collect data real-time. Because it is possible to send questionnaires with high frequency, you’re getting insights into high density data. This can concern (subjective) chronic complaints, inter-individual differences, changes within an individual, insight into contextual variables.

How does it work?

To enable monitoring of subjective symptoms or outcomes, questionnaires are frequently used. moniq allows researchers to create questionnaires that are sent to patients at set times or intervals. This enables researchers to register subjective outcomes, without the need to individually call all the patients, or patients having to visit the hospital.

What are the possibilities?

The researcher creates questionnaires in the content management system. In addition, he/she programs the day and time for the questionnaire to be send to the patient, next to any possible repetitions. Participating patients can be included in one or more specific target groups. Patients receive a notification on their smartphone from moniq when new questions are available, and can answer the questions directly. There are different types of questions available, including open questions, multiple choice questions and questions answered on a visual analogue scale (VAS).

And what about the data (security)?

No worries. The security of the app has been approved by two independent data protection officers. Patient verification is performed upon inclusion through the usual standards. The generated data is retrieved and sent via secure channels. This will then be encrypted in a secure database. The data is stored on a server that meets the applicable European requirements. The data can be downloaded in a .csv file. A connection with Castor is possible, if a researcher uses Castor to save the data.  

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