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Guideline Apps

Medical guideline apps?

Medical guidelines usually are extensive documents that are not made for light reading. Especially not in the 10 minutes time that are usually planned for patient contact. However, it is expected that the medical professional works according to the latest medical guidelines, preferably without exceeding their time for consult. Is learning the continuously changing guideline by heart the only option?

We see the solution in medical guideline apps. A good guideline app quickly shows you the relevant information, and no more information than needed. We employ medical professionals and developers, which form the perfect combination to develop guideline apps. Our medical professionals read the guideline and design the functions of the app. Our developers then write the code to create a working app.

We arrange meetings

Would you like to discover the process from paper guideline to functional app? everywhereIM tours through the country to explain the process in a small setting. We also explore where the possibilities lie to create a functional app for your expertise. During the presentation the following topics will be discussed:

  • Short introduction about everywhereIM
  • Short introduction about medical guidelines (dependent on the audience)
  • What can an app add tot the current workflow
  • What kind of medical guideline apps do we distinguish
  • What is our process of guideline app development
  • We give examples of other apps that we have developed
  • There is always room for discussion, at the end and during the presentation

Where and when?

Check the calendar when we have arranged a meeting in your area. Not soon enough? No time to travel? Find three colleagues and let us know, we are happy to arrange another meeting at your hospital or company.

Don’t miss it

Are you interested, or do you have any questions about our medical guideline apps? Do not hesitate to contact us! Mail to for more information or to sign up!

Medical guideline app portfolio

  • Hematology app
  • MDL colosurveillance app
  • Ischemical heart disease app
  • Pancreatitis app
  • HS app
  • and many more….

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